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Red Brand

Red Brand fence is 100% made in the USA from start to finish. Our wire fence products have been the trusted choice of property owners, farmers and ranchers since 1889. Manufactured at Liberty Steel & Wire in Peoria, Illinois, Red Brand uses the best American-made steel for quality and reliability in every product. Products are distributed to farm and ranch stores, hardware, and home center retailers nationwide.

Every step – from melting scrap metal to finishing each roll – happens at one facility. The wire we use is precisely formulated just for Red Brand. Our skillful team carefully monitors the steel making process at all times. This is important because eliminating impurities and maintaining specific alloy formulas in the steel are essential for top performance. As a result, every vertical and horizontal wire reacts the same to pressure and harsh weather conditions. This means that the entire structure will stretch properly at install and move consistently with temperature changes. In contrast, if the chemistry isn’t perfect, inclusions can cause inconsistent tensile strength. A fence assembled with uncertain steel origins or chemistry will likely result in a fence that sags, breaks, or fails prematurely. Known for it’s distinctive red top wire and barbs, Red Brand products provide safety and security for valuable property, inventory and livestock. An extensive line of fence styles is available to suit just about any application. In fact, different combinations of knots, gauges and roll heights offer over 150 possibilities. From specialized horse fence, to non-climb, barbed wire, panels, and fence for cattle, swine, sheep, bison, deer and poultry – Red Brand provides safety and security for many different purposes. Red Brand started in America, and our ongoing commitment to creating 100 percent American-made fencing stands firm. The Red Brand and KSW families take great pride in producing fence that is consistent and reliable every time. That’s what we’ve built our reputation on for over 125 years, and why we are still the most trusted name in ag fencing.

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By using the best steel and adhering to strict quality standards, Red Brand provides uncompromising safety and security for valuable property, inventory, and livestock. And, as a leader in the ag fence industry, customers rely on our expertise. That’s why we provide resources like product information, guides for planning and installing fence, contractor programs, and much more.

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