Keystone Steel & Wire adds American-made Prestressed Concrete Steel Wire Rod to its product line-up

Keystone Steel & Wire, a division of Keystone Consolidated Industries, Inc., recently began shipping orders of PC Strand Wire Rod, the newest offering in its diverse and growing lineup of wire rod capabilities.

KSW’s 1080 carbon steel PC Strand Wire Rod is offered in the common finished rolling sizes of 7/16″, 3/8″, 1/2″ and qualifies under technical standard ASTM A-416, using 100% American-sourced scrap metal recycled into new steel at their Peoria, Illinois plant.

The addition of this high value-added product opens a brand new market for KSW. Strategic capital expenditures have enabled this product expansion. Electromagnetic stirring at the caster has significantly increased KSW’s ability to produce higher and tighter specifications of high carbon rod. At the rod mill, lap lasers have been installed for section control, also eddy current testing has been added for surface defect detection. At the stelmor deck, new opti-mesh panels were added for improved uniform cooling.

“This multi-million dollar investment in technology enables us to produce some of the most exacting high carbon wire products,” explained KCI CEO Chris Armstrong. “Keystone Steel & Wire is committed to providing consistency and reliability in every ounce of steel that is shipped from our mill. With PC Strand Wire Rod leading the way, these new capabilities extend our product offerings, assuring customers they can continue to rely on KSW to meet the strict demands of today’s high quality steel needs,” continued Chris Armstrong.

American-based KSW boasts critical advantages in today’s competitive steel market. Manufactured domestically in a single location, the process is expertly monitored during all phases of production for assured consistent, reliable quality. With an emphasis on customer service and on-time delivery, KSW is nimble enough to handle unique specifications while meeting quick turn-around schedules. Ideally located in Peoria, Illinois, KSW is positioned to ship by truck, rail or barge, reaching customers by the most time- and cost-efficient mode of transportation regardless of destination. “That’s how we built, and continue to grow, our reputation as an industry leader across all our steel and value added products.” stated Chris Armstrong.

To learn more about Keystone Steel & Wire’s capabilities and for product specifications, contact KSW representative Steve Ashby at steve.ashby@keystonesteel.com

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