Electric Metal Makers Guild Holds Annual Meeting

Keystone Steel and Wire hosted the 83rd annual meeting of the Electric Metal Makers Guild in East Peoria, Illinois.

Gary Baker, president of Arc Furnace Pro, was presented with The Billy Wallis Award in recognition of his contribution to the worldwide EAF industry through maintaining, upgrading, and optimizing furnace regulation and power systems as well as technically training all levels of operations and maintenance personnel.

The 2015 Ron E. Lincoln Guilder of the Year Award was presented to Brendan Connolly of Ellwood Quality Steel for his contribution and participation to the organization over the past year.

The 2016/2017 EMMG officers are:

  • President: Tom Kantor – Carpenter Technology, Latrobe
  • First Vice-President: William VanderWaal – CMC Steel, Texas
  • Second Vice-President: Noah Henson – Carpenter Technology
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Jonathon Ridgeway – CMC Steel, Alabama
  • Officer Without Portfolio: Jay Verhoff – Finkl Steel, Chicago

About EMMG
The Electric Metal Makers Guild (EMMG) is an association made up exclusively of persons who are directly responsible for the melting operation in the manufacture of metal produced, refined, or treated wholly or partially in electric melting furnaces. It was founded in 1933 for the sole purpose of promoting progress in the development and manufacture of metals treated in electric melting furnaces, and to assist those engaged in the industries concerned, by cooperative actions taken for the exchange of information of mutual interest to our members.

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